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Postby 13104P1 » 04 Apr 2013, 03:39

Just saw this site with electroforming definitions. It's almost accurate, afaict. Pretty close. They still want to call the electroforming solution a "precision electroplating bath," but as we've discussed, no plating is desired, so they should have called it a precision "elecrtodeposition" bath. But no one would be confused... *L*

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Re: Definitions

Postby Dr3d Sl3d » 06 Apr 2013, 23:45

I've always liked this site's descriptions of the jargon.

Forming is making something altogether new, whereas plating imparts a (relatively) thin finish, such that it has a new surface. Since the ions are pulled onto the disc surface, it seems that we want it to plate there... But the silver is what becomes "plated" onto the new form, rather than onto the mandrel, to which it is only spray-coated, and could be rinsed off...

So, there's no plating wanted in conventional vinyl record stamper manufacture. If one still had access to the special Nickel spray solution, there would be no need to etch away the reverse-plate of Silver that inconveniences the "father," since there would be no confounding phase to interfere with the pressure and heat of pressing, because Nickel has the same properties as Nickel. (;

2 marks, to Luigi Brugnatelli for thinking this stuff through, so very long ago...

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