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gem cap

Post by Fonotec » 03 Apr 2013, 04:54

Am quite pleased with the Ortofon DSS 732, formerly owned by Fullersound, but I have acquired a couple of other DSS heads for spares...

So far, so good, with the blue cutter. 808 boom is no problem, at least for now... †

However, I noticed that the little rubber diaphragm which covers the underbelly, where the chuck is, was disintegrating. So I scraped it off. But what was revealed was a hole into which one could espy the bottoms of the coil housings. It is possible for debris to get in there.

[leaking from Wikipedia: "......due to the small size of helium atoms, helium's diffusion rate through solids is three times that of air......"]

Because of its location and construction (out of silicone), I call it a "gem cap." Not sure where I got that nick name for it, but it seems appropriate.
Oh yes, the nearby ruby jewel is the gem in question... );

The blue cutter has had its hilt replaced with one clad in nice new silicone (yellow). Mr. Rønne was kind to send me a new hilt already clad with the seal. I'm sending him the unclad one from the blue cutter as a "core exchange."


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