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Various stylus (facet) cuts have been developed in the pursuit of high (frequency) fidelity and low surface wear. If you want high (frequency) fidelity, you need a small tip, but the smaller the tip, the greater the dragged pressure, unless the tracking force is reduced, or you only appear to be small, by virtue of being skinny and long - e.g.. elliptical, or "nude" fine line... When four channel monogroove records arrived, exotic crystal habits were seen in the diamond Shibata and (Subhir) Pramanik styli. The Bang & Olufsen Beogram 6000 had a special cartridge, the MMC6000, which had a Pramanik cut diamond stylus bonded to a Berrylium cantilever. The stylus was not replaceable. Described as a refinement of the elliptical and in a way which resembled the profile of the cutting stylus. Suggested tracking force: 1,0 g.

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