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0,6 and 0,7 mil tip conical

Posted: 03 Apr 2013, 09:07
by Dr3d Sl3d
What's up with these two oft-cited, super-similar standards? That seems closer than 50 Hz versus 60 Hz... It's even closer in kind than 44,1 kHz and 48 kHz. Ach so. I can see how 0,5 is not 0,7 mils. But 0,6 mils is often seen, in spite of the ubiquity of the 0,7 reference for microgroove-scanning sphericals.... Such as these Sanyos half way down page...

...and, Serif, here's a spherical that's 0,6 mil and uses no more than 1,25 Pramanik recommended weight... Ideal lacquer player? Or ideal back hoe?

Dr3d Sl3d

Re: 0,6 and 0,7 mil tip conical

Posted: 06 Apr 2013, 01:32
by 13104P1
Me, I'on not worried about the actual (spec) dimensions of sphericals. I'm all into this Ortofon VMS30MKII that seems as clear and true now as it did 20 hours ago. Hehe.. Yeah, I don't listen a lot. Just when I want. I set er as light as she'll track and watch the antiskate ain't overdone...crank it up and rest me head on the arm of the couch - often face-down. The sound waves ricochet off the floor, which is only half-carpeted, and that ricochets off me face and glasses... I think I could hear at least that... Not sure about what gas was used for coil cooling during the cut... Something that was crammed in a Suede Brown K bottle with a nice Harris valveset, I might add. Someone on SSoLT says air is better than nothing, provided it's not moist or dirtily-delivered.