JVC Cutting Center, CA-90, CH-90, JVC quartz drive tt motor
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Post by Fonotec » 21 Nov 2014, 23:31

The JVC CH-90 (stereo cutting head) is of the rocking bridge design. The vintage Neumann SX-15 uses a rocking bridge, too, but the inspiration for the JVC cutter was the Ortofon DSS cutting head. {Find more information in the Ortofon forum of this board.}
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The interior channels which dwell in the body of the JVC cutter permit enhanced gas flow for Helium cooling over previous designs.

The CA-90 was the stereo cutting amp designed to work with the CH-90 cutter. They started with Threshold loudspeaker amps (by Nelson Pass) and added the feedback, safety, RIAA, and impedance matching circuits, as well as meters.

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