testing chips

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testing chips

Postby Fonotec » 25 Apr 2013, 22:44

I have an ABI ChipMaster which is great at testing logic gates. I have just received software from that company which enables the ChipMaster's internal library to have additional parts added for testing. I am working on developing tests for the 9602 monostable multivibrator (aka "one shot") and also the 9305 variable modulus counter. In the mean time, I developed a go/no-go test for the 9305 using the much simpler IT-7400 Heathkit chip tester. If the switches are put in the illustrated position (see photo attachment), one can press the "Step" button and make specific neon lights blink off and back on, while not causing others to blink. It was successfully used to repair two boards which had faults. Not sure if I had been just lucky, or onto something. But it won't harm the chips, as far as I know.

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