pivot block

THE LATHE, aka: LS-76, and the LJ-10 and LJ-12 tape machines

pivot block

Postby Fonotec » 27 Jul 2013, 21:33

The pivot block on the LS-76 (The Lathe) comes with different hardware depending on the type of cutting head that will be used, due to the very different construction of the Westrex 3DII cutter from the more similar weight and location of cabling found on the Ortofon and Neumann stereo cutting heads. Here is a link to a scan of the page in the manual which shows the design of the floating head and advance ball quick-disconnect blocks and the adaptor block used with them.

(right-click "View Image" or "Open image in new tab" to see entire picture )

1. Quick-disconnect block
2. Adapter block
3. Head clamping screw
4. Pivot block
5. Pivot clamping screw
6. Saddle yoke
7. Slide
8. Vertical slide gib screws
9. Horizontal slide gib screws
10. Vertical slide dovetail
11. Horizontal slide dovetail
12. Pivot bearing screw
13. Pivot bearing lock screw
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