floating 3DII

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floating 3DII

Postby Fonotec » 04 Apr 2013, 05:52

THD is a disc cutter in Oslo who runs LS-76 #653. We have been exchanging stories and notes on these late Scullys since meeting over on the SSoLT forum (yeah, Steve E.!). He uses a stereo Westrex 3DII cutter (and full Westrex amp rack). This picture also shows the original LS-76 vacuum hose's spindle chuck with formed tube attachment, which applies pressure to keep the blank disc stationary during cutting and spinning. The VMS70 Neumann is similarly equipped.


I noticed the word, NED, on his cutter. I looked it up and, in Norwegian, it means, of course, Down.

Notice how far his chip tube nozzle stuck inside the chromium plated chip tube must extend in order to reach the stylus on the massive Westrex cutter. They are so robust that cooling with [He] is optional.
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Re: floating THD

Postby THD » 04 Apr 2013, 11:06

Hi I'm the one who got this Westrex 3DII cutter head,. The reason for that it says "ned" or down, is that in the beginning I was a bit confused what direction I needed to screw the advanced ball depth adjustment screw to get the groove thinner or thicker. But, on this particular photo, I was experimenting with getting the Westrex 3DII to float, so the advanced ball is not attached at all. You can see the screw I'm on about here: http://www.hrsrecords.com/ , it's the big knob at the center of the cutter head on that photo of the manual. So, by turning the screw in direction "ned" or ccw, the stylus digs deeper into the lacquer and the groove gets wider, it was just a reminder to avoid turning the wrong direction when I started cutting. Ha ha...Who would ever have though that it would ever end up on a forum...ha ha..
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Re: floating 3DII

Postby THD » 04 Apr 2013, 11:16

And the scull is there, because I'm working on a Scully lathe....
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