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flown wax spinsters

Posted: 29 Sep 2014, 20:26
by Dr3d Sl3d
These cicrular, flat, flown "blanks" one cuts the bunched-and-spaced spiral groove onto were originally made of what R. K. Morrison describes as a "metallic soap." Each studio, or cutter, had a unique recipe (...a little more of this, or a wee bit less of that...) based on the same generally-used ingredients: [Pb] Lead litharge; Montan Wax; Stearin; Parrafin; Ozokerite; Barium Sulfate; and Soda Ash.

Imagine sung by a nose-pinned nostril'd singer, for old-tyme record effect, the song:

I'm gonna ladle my own hot wax Spinsters,
De-bubbled, and spread flat with a torch...
'ere it cool, cut on a spool...
A Potter's wheel 'neath a jewel,
modulated by a feedback-integrated,
equalized-network tool...
"...t'weren't no Ferrari; I painted your Porsche"

Dr3d Sl3d

Re: flown wax spinsters

Posted: 27 May 2018, 20:53
by Fonotec
Robert K. Morrison's book, Disk Recording 1930 - 1960 has pictures of the process of pouring heated 'metallic wax' onto a griddle and using a torch to spread it out to make blanks.
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